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Phase III On Tap for Capital Region

The Capital Region could soon move into Phase III - perhaps as soon as June 17 - of the post-pandemic reopening process if the numbers of COVID-19 infections continue to drop.

Phase III businesses allowed to re-start their operations include restaurants (not just outdoor dining, which is already up and running, accelerated by the Cuomo administration last week as a result of better-than-expected virus numbers), spas and tattoo parlors.

Under indoor dining plans unveiled by the governor, restaurants can reopen with half capacity indoors, excluding outdoor tables and employees.

Tables must be placed at least six feet apart from one another, and if that isn't possible, then barriers that are at least five feet high must be installed.

The administration has warned that no region, regardless of where it is on the re-opening spectrum, can open attractions that might draw people from other areas of the state.

When it comes to personal care businesses, like spas, the limit is 50 percent of maximum capacity, and no waiting rooms are allowed. All customers and workers must wear face masks, and all workers must be screened daily for any symptoms of the virus. If they display symptoms, such as an elevated temperature, they must be sent home.

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