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Regulatory Changes, Updates & Information

For City of Albany-specific COVID-19 response information, including information regarding where to access food or child care, school closures, and how to volunteer, visit the City's COVID-19 City of Albany Resource Guide.

Click here for information on the 2021 Extended Patio & Outdoor Cafe Program Season

Suspension of Metered Parking in the City of Albany

In an effort to eliminate unnecessary financial hurdles as the City and State urges residents to stay home as much as possible, Mayor Sheehan announced that all metered parking and the enforcement of metered parking has been suspended in the City of Albany, effective Friday, March 20 at 6:00pm.

The City continues to call on residents to comply with alternate-side parking rules because the rules serve critical functions. Visit the City's website for additional details and resources.

Changes To Time-Limit Parking in the City of Albany

Almost all time-limit parking regulations have been lifted within the city until further notice. This action was taken to create additional parking opportunities during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many of the areas where regulations are being lifted are in the city’s Business Districts, and include time-limited parking along portions of Lark Street, Madison Avenue, Central Avenue, New Scotland Avenue, Broadway, and Pearl Street. The lifted regulations do not apply to residential permit areas, emergency no parking areas, and loading zones. 

A downloadable sign has been made available to support restaurant takeout pick-up options, click here to download and print.​

Business Signage Related Mayoral Guidance


As detailed in the City of Albany USDO cited below, sidewalk signs are permitted in the City of Albany by the USDO within a mixed-use district without a permit application. Additionally, the City has expanded this temporarily during the COVID-19 pandemic for businesses that are not in a mixed use district that would like to put out an A-frame sign, provided the sign abides by the dimensions established in the USDO.


The City will currently suspend enforcement throughout the City of food distribution tables that do not obstruct the public right of way (including city sidewalks) and do not allow for seating. 


375-4(I)(4)(g) allows “A-frame” or “sandwich-type” signs on the sidewalk in Mixed-Use districts provided that they do not exceed 3 feet in height, do not obstruct pedestrian passage and are removed when the business is closed.  They may be erected without a permit.

A COVID-19 Message from The Chief of The Albany Police Department.

The Albany Police Department, like all emergency responders, has been deemed an "essential" operation in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Officers are continuing to protect and serve the community, while also taking steps to slow transmission of the virus. Chief Eric Hawkins has been recording messages about the APD's response. See more here. 

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