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Albany Curbside Pickup, Outdoor Cafe Programs Extended

Mayor Kathy Sheehan has announced the extension of two programs designed to assist local eateries by providing safe and socially distanced dining opportunities: the Curbside Pickup and Outdoor Café programs.

Curbside Pickup Program:

Mayor Sheehan, Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins, and Albany Parking Authority Executive Director Matthew Peter have announced a 30-day extension of the curbside pickup program that provides pickup areas in front of local eateries that continue to serve take-out. These dedicated parking spots are designed to help protect both employees and customers and ensure the continued compliance of social distancing protocols. Curbside pick-up parking spots may only be used for up to 30 minutes and are denoted with the sign below..

Any eatery offering take-out that would like to be included in the program should contact Mayor Sheehan’s office by emailing or calling (518) 434-5105 to request the appropriate signage.

Outdoor Café Program:

Mayor Sheehan, Department of Planning and Development Commissioner Chris Spencer, and Albany Police Department Traffic Engineer Bill Trudeau have also announced the outdoor café program will be extended through at least August 5 to coincide with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.48 regarding the continued suspension of New York State Liquor Authority regulations. This program is made possible through New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s phased reopening and SLA guidance and the continued Emergency Orders issued by Mayor Sheehan (latest order attached), allowing the City of Albany to creatively assist local eateries by establishing safe, socially distanced dining opportunities.

The outdoor café program is currently being utilized on the following streets:

  • Lark

  • Madison

  • Pearl

  • Bridge

  • Thatcher

  • Jay

In these areas, the City has temporarily prohibited parking to allow pedestrians to utilize the parking lane, allowing for the entire depth of the sidewalks to be utilized for outdoor dining. The City is utilizing several methods to ensure pedestrian safety and continued ADA compliance, including temporary barricades and ramps.

Any eatery that would like to learn more about the possibility of utilizing the outdoor café program should contact Mayor Sheehan’s office by emailing or by calling (518) 434-5105.

Through a partnership with Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy, the Albany County Parking Lot located between Spring Street and Washington Avenue will continue to be available for free parking as part of this program between Friday at 6:00 p.m. and Sunday at 9:00 a.m., each week through at least August 5. Additionally, time-limit parking regulations will continue to be suspended for both Washington Park and Lincoln Park.

For an ever-growing list of open eateries in the City of Albany, please visit the City’s COVID-19 Resource Guide.

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