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City of Albany Creates Curbside Pick-up Areas for Local Eateries

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins, and Albany Parking Authority Executive Director Matthew Peter announced that almost all time-limit parking regulations have been lifted within the city until further notice. 

This action, which does not apply to residential permit areas, emergency no parking areas, and loading zones, is being taken to create additional parking opportunities during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Download Your Sign Here Many of the areas where regulations are being lifted are in the city’s Business Districts, and include time-limited parking along portions of Lark Street, Madison Avenue, Central Avenue, New Scotland Avenue, Broadway, and Pearl Street. 

The city also announced the creation of curbside pickup areas in front of local eateries that continue to serve take-out. 

These dedicated parking spots are designed to help protect both employees and customers and ensure the continued compliance of social distancing protocols. Curbside pick-up parking spots may only be used for up to 30 minutes and are denoted with the signs that appear at the bottom of this post. Any restaurant offering take-out that would like to be included in the program should contact or (518) 434-5105 to request the appropriate signage. The City of Albany and Albany Parking Authority created this program in consultation and partnership with the Downtown Albany Business Improvement District, Lark Street Business Improvement District, Central Avenue Business Improvement District, and 6th Ward Councilmember Richard Conti. This program further compliments the easing of parking regulations within the City during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Measures already in place include the suspension of all metered parking, the lifting of time-limit parking restrictions in Washington Park and Lincoln Park, and the opening of several off-street lots for longer-term parking.

Other quality of life parking regulations will continue to be enforced, including but not limited to rules prohibiting parking within a:

  • Crosswalk

  • Loading Zone

  • Emergency No Parking Zone

  • Residential Permit Parking area without appropriate permit

  • Designated Handicap Spot without appropriate permit

  • Or when within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or when violating alternate-side rules

Off-street parking lots that continue to be available for parking include: ARBOR HILL & SHERIDAN HOLLOW

  • Parking Area Adjoining Arbor Hill Softball Field (North Lark St.)

  • 230 Colonie St. (Playground Lot)

  • 178 Colonie St. (Playground Lot)

  • Ten Broeck Mansion (Parking Lot & Sidewalk West End)


  • Ridgefield Park (Enter on Partridge St.)

  • Woodlawn Park Little League

  • Washington Park (All Roadways and Parking Areas)


  • Krank Park Area

  • Franklin St. (Between Schuyler St. & Bassett St. – East Side)

  • Lincoln Park (All Interior Roadways & Parking Area - the time-limit restrictions have been lifted effective Tuesday, March 17)


  • SUNY Albany’s Thurlow Terrace Lot (do not park in designated EV Charger spots unless charging an electronic vehicle)

  • Washington Park roads such as Henry Johnson Boulevard (the time-limit restrictions have been lifted effective Tuesday, March 17)


  • North Second St. & North Third St. (Above Pearl St.)

  • Parking Area across from North Albany American Legion Post


  • Bleecker Stadium (Parking Area & Roadways)

  • North Side of Livingston Ave. (Opposite Judson St. Parking Lot)

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