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Fire Towers Closed, Most Trails Open

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The state DEC is closing fire towers - a popular hiking destination across New York - in an effort to reduce the possibility of transmission of the coronavirus.

Trails remain open for the most part, though indoor areas like bathrooms and visitor and nature centers are closed, as are some playground areas, athletic courts and playing fields.

People are being encouraged to get outside to get some fresh air and take a break from being cooped up at home.

However, everyone is being encouraged to maintain social distancing while enjoying the great outdoors. There's plenty of space for us to maintain a safe six-foot distance from one another.

The state is asking New Yorkers to abide by the following rules when heading out to visit a park:

  • Stay local and keep visits short;

  • Visit in small groups limited to immediate household members;

  • Maintain distance from others while in places where people tend to congregate, such as parking lots, trailheads and scenic overlooks;

  • Avoid games and activities that require close contact, such as basketball, football or soccer;

  • Avoid playground equipment like slides and swings and other frequently touched surfaces;

  • Do not share equipment, such as bicycles, helmets, balls or Frisbees;

  • Avoid parks with crowds.

  • If parking lots are full, do not park along roadsides or other undesignated areas.

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