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Governor Cuomo

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Updated March 20, 10AM: In the ongoing effort to try to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus and encourage social distancing, Governor Cuomo has, under the power vested in him by his March 7 state emergency declaration, announced that as of tomorrow (Saturday, March 21) at 8 p.m., all barber shops, hair salons, tattoo or piercing parlors and related personal care services will be closed to members of the public. This also includes nail technicians, cosmetologists and estheticians, and the provision of electrolysis, laser hair removal services. This updates the list of businesses that the governor previously ordered closed, including: Restaurants and bars (now at delivery and take-out only), bowling alleys, movie theaters, and malls. “Essential” businesses - including groceries, banks, pharmacies, and medical and health care facilities - are allowed to remain open, but on-site workers must be limited to 25 percent of the overall workforce.

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