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Governor Introduces Plan For State's Reopening

As part of yesterday's daily COVID-19 response briefing, Governor Cuomo introduced his plan for reopening the state.

  • The State will reopen in phases, with a regional analysis and determination. The first phase will be to reopen construction and manufacturing with low risk.

  • The second phase will be an individual business level analysis. The State is asking businesses to get creative to come up with solutions in detailed plans to show that they can reopen safely.

  • The Governor estimates the time between the two phases to be two weeks. Schools will most likely not open until the second phase. During both phases no attractions or openings that draw a large number of visitors from outside the local area will be allowed.

  • Businesses will need to design a “new normal.” The State will look for a comprehensive plan to keep employees and customers safe. Businesses will need to come up with new practices to prove safety.

  • The Governor indicated that hospitality and retail will be “very tricky” industries to reopen.

To learn more about Governor Cuomo's briefing click here.

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