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House Passes $2T Stimulus Package

The House has approved the historic $2 trillion stimulus package that passed the U.S. Senate earlier this week, overcoming last-minute drama by using an unusual procedural move to overcome a demand by Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie to force members to cast in-person votes.

The bill now goes to President Donald Trump's desk for his signature (which he is expected to give) as the American public and the US economy fight the devastating Covid-19 pandemic.

The far-reaching measure is the largest emergency aid package in US history. It will provide a massive financial injection into a struggling economy with provisions aimed at helping U.S. workers, small businesses and industries grappling with widespread shutdowns and layoffs.

The rescue measure earned unanimous approval in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, and today it ended up passing the House in a rare voice vote.

Massie angered lawmakers on both sides of the aisle by forcing them to return to D.C. despite uncertainty over whether he would actually formally request a full roll call vote. Many traveled during the public health emergency simply to deny his demand in order to ensure swift passage of the measure.

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