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Mayor Sheehan: 'Support SmAlbany!'

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan's latest video address on the ongoing local response to the coronavirus pandemic includes - along with a lot of information and updates - information about the Support smAlbany initiative.

"There are lots and lots of resources there that are available to our small businesses," Mayor Sheehan said. "As the aid becomes available for our businesses, as recovery money becomes available, we know that a lot of small businesses struggle with having the capacity to fill out the many forms and applications."

"I want you to know: We are here to help you. We're here to help you today, we're going to be here to help you tomorrow," the mayor continued. "If you need assistance, if you need help, please check out"

The mayor also reassured Albany residents that medical and city experts are carefully monitoring the influx of downstate COVID-19 patients to local hospitals in order to ease the stress on the overtaxed downstate health care system. She said it's important for upstate, which has not yet been hit as hard by the virus as New York City, to do what it can to assist in the effort to fight the virus.

Also, the mayor urged city residents to go online and fill out the Census form as the importance of getting a complete count has grown significantly as a result of the pandemic.

"Health care dollars are determined based on the Census," the mayor said. "The funding that we get for free and reduced lunch is determined based on the Census."

"The amount of recovery money that may be available to us is going to be determined based on the number of people who are here. So please, please, please, you count, be counted, your children count. Everyone in your household counts. So go on line, fill out the Census. Go to"

She spoke about how much funding and support the city stands to receive as a result of the state budget and the federal stimulus package. Learn more by watching here video here:

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