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National Grid Fast Tracks Matching Grant Program To Meet COVID-19 Needs

National Grid wants to help manufacturers making the transition to serve immediate needs related to COVID-19 or needing to address an increase in demand.

The company is fast tracking its Manufacturing Productivity Program (MPP) to assist manufacturers in pivoting and/or capturing additional growth opportunities during this unprecedented time. 

The program is administered in connection with the state’s MEP Centers, but it's funded through National Grid in partnership with the Center for Economic Growth.

Grant money is available for companies looking to adjust their operations to produce critical items to assist in the COVID-19 response. National Grid is teaming up with CEG to help manufacturers redesign workflow, get certified by regulatory/industry bodies (FDA, OSHA/NIOSH, ISO), address supply chain, and implement programs to sustain these changes.

The money will be provided in the form of matching funds of up to $40,000, or 60 percent of costs incurred when companies commit to productivity improvement and growth targeted activities that will result in the increased utilization of manufacturing capacity.

To be eligible for this program, the project must accomplish one or more of the following:

  • Optimize the current facility/operations

  • Increase machine effectiveness/capabilities

  • Improve product quality/yield

  • Expand markets/meet demand

  • Develop new products

  • Develop new customers

  • Reduce costs, reduce lead times, improve process-flow, and/or increase inventory turns.

Here's the application form:

And here a link to the CEG COVID-19 assistance intake form:

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