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Online Market By Washington Park & Guilderland Farmers Markets

On April 14, the Washington Park Farmers Market which started seasonal operation in Albany's Washington Park in summer 2019 and the Guilderland Farmers Market, which both operate under one entity, launched an Online Market at GuilderlandFarmersMarket.com. Customers are able to place their orders on the Market’s website and pick them up on Sundays at noon in Star Plaza’s parking lot, located at the corner of Route 155 and Western Avenue in Guilderland. Customers will have their orders brought to them while they remain in their vehicles. The first day of pick up will be on Sunday, April 26.

Vendors not currently registered in either Farmers Market are welcome to take part in the Online Market. Applications are available at GuilderlandFarmersMarket.com/forms. Vendors can contact organizer Scott Abraham at (949) 973-8785 with any questions on participating.

Some vendors will be required to meet a threshold quantity of orders to be financially viable for their time and expenses. These metrics will be shown on their product page. If metrics are not met, customers will be refunded.

Both Farmers Markets are projected to be open for the Summer and Fall out-door markets as scheduled.

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