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Regulations Suspended Related to Sidewalk Cafes In City of Albany

Below is an emergency order, 315-5 signed by Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan today. This order suspends the regulations related to Sidewalk Cafe’s on City property under §375-3(C)(6)(1) other than subsections (i) and (ii) that deal with hours of operation, and subsection (H) that deals with alterations to public property.

This allows establishments to provide outdoor dining temporarily without applying for a Revocable Sidewalk Privilege. Establishments should send an email to the Department of Planning and Development at and inform the Department on your restaurant's plan to take advantage of this opportunity. Please include the name of the establishment, contact phone number and person, and business address. For establishments that seek to extend their outdoor dining onto property that they own, lease, or have some agreement to utilize, they must provide the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) with a diagram of the space within five (5) suites days of doing so. Please review the SLA's Outdoor Dining Guidance for information about this, here. The City of Albany will continue to look at creative ways to increase outdoor dining opportunities. The City of Albany is asking that all establishment maintain the public space they are utilizing and be respectful of neighboring businesses and nearby residential neighbors.

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