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Update On Outdoor Dining Street Closures

The City of Albany has offered additional details and clarifications on a series of street and parking lane closures announced earlier this month in an effort to provide restaurants and bars with more room for outdoor dining during the ongoing COVID-19 recovery.

Parking lane closures are in effect full time through at least the end of next month on:

1) Madison Avenue along the south side between South Allen Street and midway to West Lawrence Street;

2) North Pearl Street along the east side between Pine Street and Steuben Street;

3) Thacher Street along the south side, between Broadway and Common Place.

In addition, Bridge Street, between Broadway and midway to Mill Lane, (this runs alongside Druthers Brewing), will be closed between 4 p.m. and 2 a.m. daily until at least July 31.

In these areas, restaurants and bars may use the full width of the sidewalk for service at cafe tables, with the parking lane reserved for pedestrians. Vehicle traffic continues in normal traffic lanes:

City Hall continues to work on finalizing details for expanded sidewalk dining on Lark Street, with an eye toward starting July 6 and running through the end of the month, a spokesperson for Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan told the TU.

Parking lanes would be closed to vehicles on some sections of Lark Street, and on Madison Avenue between Lark and Willett streets, while regular vehicle traffic lanes will be open.

Negotiations are continuing among local businesses, neighborhood associations and elected officials, City Hall said.

Meanwhile, the final downtown block of Sheridan Avenue, between North Peal and Chapel streets, which was originally planned to be closed Friday through Sunday evenings starting June 19, is now projected to start no earlier than July 10.

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